Bossy Kids… Positive Affirmation & Correction Can Go a Long Way!

Do you have a child that likes to take control or, may we dare say, is bossy?

We as Christian parents should acknowledge children who may be showing signs of being bossy and never ignore them. There are many ways to address children who may be showing signs of bossiness.

Ginger Hubbard states, “To redirect a teachable moment is an opportunity to miss a teachable moment.”

Children should understand that if they act bossy and tell their friends what to do, their friends may think they are being a bully. This is why Jesus had many friends and many followers; He was a natural-born leader whom people loved. The best leaders lead by example, and Jesus was the greatest leader who was humble and served others. He was never self-centered, prideful, or bossy.

Our job as a parent is to set an example and not be bossy toward others, as our children mirror our actions. Throughout this episode, Lee Ann discusses how to handle a bossy child, starting with positive affirmation and leading to correction and advice for the family.

Remember, the bossy characteristic of a child may be a gift from God that just needs to be fine-tuned!

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