Ginger Hubbard’s 3-Step Plan to Help Tame Your Child’s Tongue (Part 1)

“We live in a nation that defies God at every point, including child training.” -Ginger Hubbard.

Ginger Hubbard is a bestselling author of multiple books, the co-host of the Parenting with Ginger Hubbardpodcast, and a frequent speaker at women’s events, parenting conferences, and homeschool conventions across the country.

Ginger gives her insight and knowledge to help equip parents with biblical principles and the tools to implement those principles in a practical way throughout her book, I Can’t Believe You Just Said That.

Key Takeaways:

  • How parents can apply the scriptures from the Bible to verbal sins.
  • Parents struggle with problems when dealing with a child who speaks disrespectfully, such as explaining to children that outer sins derive from the heart or that parents are not following the instructions in the instruction manual (the Bible).
  • The simple 3 step plan for dealing with offenses such as lying, tattling, whining, or complaining:
    • Step 1- start with heart probing questions, which helps kids evaluate themselves and the sin in their own heart (2-3 very simple suggested questions).
    • Step 2- what to put off; explain what God’s word says about that behavior and what could happen if that behavior continues.
    • Step 3- what to put on; help the child replace what is wrong with what is right.
  • Parents can get their children to implement the principles being taught by requiring them to practice that biblical alternative to that sinful behavior.

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