Nurturing Healthy Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Communication at Home & In Life


“Conflict is normal, and there is nothing wrong necessarily with your relationship if you have conflict. So, there’s nothing wrong with your family if you have conflict. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with your marriage if you have conflict. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with a child and a friend if they have conflict. Conflict is part of life. Conflict in itself is not good or bad. What makes conflict good or bad is not its presence, but our practices in the midst of its presence.” – Donna Jones.

Donna Jones is a national speaker, author, and pastor’s wife with over three decades of ministry experience. A graduate of UCLA, she’s spoken in twenty-six states and on four continents.

During this episode, Donna talks about handling conflict in a healthy and peaceful way within our families. She shares insights from her book Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life, emphasizing the importance of humility and the common mistakes that make conflicts worse. Donna discusses how parents can teach their children to handle conflict and communicate effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • The impact of conflict in a divisive world and the desire for healthy conflict resolution and peaceful family life.
  • The importance of humility in conflict resolution and how humility shifts the dynamic of conflict from a power struggle to a joint problem-solving approach.
  • Being dismissive of others’ concerns or opinions and the importance of active listening in conflict resolution.
  • Normalizing conflict and teaching children it’s a natural part of relationships.
  • Modeling conflict resolution at home while encouraging open communication and critical thinking in children.

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