Practical Ways to Use A Heart-based, Biblical Perspective When Disciplining A Whining Child With Ginger Hubbard (Part 2)


Is your child struggling with habits of whining, but you aren’t sure how to address them?

Ginger Hubbard discusses a biblical framework and practical ways to help children understand why they whine, how they can learn better ways to express themselves, and how to become better communicators ultimately.

If you haven’t already, we recommend listening to part 1 – Ginger Hubbard’s 3-Step Plan to Help Tame Your Child’s Tongue

Key Takeaways:

  • Whining has become a huge problem in today’s culture as children lack self-control and parents are often responsible for the habits of their children.
  • There are many ineffective methods that are not beneficial when disciplining a whining child, such as scolding them, ignoring them, or giving in to their demands.
  • The many ways to create good communication habits with your kids; talk about things that are important to them and explain that love motivates you to have the patience to teach them how to respond with self-control.
  • The importance of warning older children about the dangers of idolatry in accordance with the sin of whining.
  • Ginger’s book Sam and the Sticky Situation tells the story of a whiner who gets what he wants when he whines, and eventually, the mother of the whiner confesses her own problem with whining. Together, they realize that what they want isn’t as important as obeying and praising God!

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