Ginger Hubbard Explains How to Effectively Discipline a Lying Child (Part 3)


“Lying expresses a lack of trust that God is in control.” -Ginger Hubbard

Ginger talks about why children lie, what God’s Word says about lying, and encourages parents with practical ways to train children to speak the truth. Her book, Chloe and the Closet of Secrets, is a great resource to help children understand and overcome the sin of lying.

Key takeaways:

  • Most of the time lying derives from the love and preservation of oneself.
  • 3 methods parents should avoid when dealing with a lying child: administering punishment alone, responding with anger, or putting labels on them.
  • How self-controlled and Gospel-oriented responses can pave the way for more honest communication with children.
  • Practical examples of how parents can address their child that is lying with a heart-oriented perspective and be open and transparent with their own struggles.

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