MOMents with Lori & Lee Ann: How Do I Know If My Child Has Low Self-esteem Issues?

Once a month, Lori and Lee Ann will discuss complex topics regarding parenting and disciplining to help families have peace in the home and work together to build lifetime connections!

Lori Wildenberg is a national speaker, a licensed parent-family educator of over 25 years, and an award-winning author of six Christian parenting books. Lori also leads the popular Moms Together Facebook Community Page and Group. During this episode of Moments with Lori and Lee Ann, both ladies discuss the many ways of approaching and helping children who may be experiencing issues such as low self-esteem or low self-worth.

Key Takeaways:
  • The signs and red flags to be aware of for a child with low self-esteem or self-worth: when they consistently talk negatively about themselves, when they are afraid to try something because of the fear of failure if they feel incompetent to do things, perfectionism or never being satisfied, people pleasing, comparing themselves to others, or the inability to receive a compliment.
  • Enroll them in sports or different activities to see what they enjoy and are good at to boost self-esteem.
  • Three important things for kids to learn early: they are loved, they are lovable, and they are capable because God created them in his image for a specific purpose.
  • Low self-esteem can come in more serious forms, such as eating disorders, harm to oneself, anxiety, or depression.
  • The more we speak it and the more we hear it, the more it gets into our hearts – post scripture on walls or mirrors for children to read for affirmation and have them start to journal their frustrations and thoughts daily.
  • There is a process in helping a child who is disabled to help them use their disability to do great things that God has planned for them; we can help them feel as if their disability is a gift from God and their disability does not define them.

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