19 Best Christian Children’s Books for Anxiety

It seems that mental illness is becoming more and more of an issue, both in adults and children! There are many different ways people manage their depression, anxiety, and any other mental health problems they might be facing. One thing that can be good for your mental health is reading books that offer advice or knowledge on improving your mental state. This list of Christian children’s books for anxiety is full of different types of books that will teach your children about mental health and how to manage anxious thoughts through having faith and staying connected with our Heavenly Father. 

In this article, you will find Christian children’s books for anxiety that are perfect for any and all ages in the following categories:

  • Children’s Board Books About Anxiety
  • Children’s Picture Books About Anxiety
  • Children’s Chapter Books About Anxiety

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Children’s Board Books About Anxiety

God Takes Care of Me: Psalm 23 by Dandi Daley Mackall and Illustrated by Cee Biscoe

  • It helps make scripture personal and accessible for kids
  • Retells Psalm 23 using fun rhymes to help children meet God in a new and profound way
  • Ideal board book/picture book for babies-3-year-olds

Chosen: Claiming Your Kingdom Purpose by Emily Assell and Illustrated by Lauren Copple 

  • Uses tender endearments and promises pulled directly from scripture to teach kids about God’s promises for their lives
  • Ideal board book/picture book for babies-3-year-olds
  • This book is part of a three book series 

Children’s Picture Books About Anxiety

With Jesus, I am Calm by G.L Charles and Good News Meditations 

  • Teaches kids about the peace of God
  • For anger management, emotional regulation, and social-emotional learning
  • A perfect picture book for ages 3-8

With Jesus, I am Brave by Good News Meditations and G.L. Charles

  • Teaches kids about how to be courageous in any situation
  • For trusting God to overcome worry, anxiety, and fear of the dark
  • A perfect picture book for ages 3-8

My Heart’s Garden by Charity Rios and Illustrated by Anna Brennan 

  • Help your kids discover their true identity in Christ, and overcome anxiety, fear, and insecurity, by replacing lies with the truth.
  • Written in lyrical rhyme and featuring whimsical illustrations
  • A perfect picture book for ages 4-8

When Worry Whispers by Joyce Meyer and Illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski

  • Ease your little one’s mind with this encouraging picture book all about worry
  • Biblical assurances of God’s constant presence, love, and care will comfort little ones and remind them that God is in control––no matter what! 
  • A perfect picture book for ages 4-7

B is for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings by Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd

  • From the letter A to the letter Z, it celebrates the many ways children can express their feelings and develop coping skills at an early age. 
  • Has fun, cute, and exciting illustrations
  • A perfect picture book for ages 2-5
  • Part of the Kids Healthy Coping Skills Series 

Seeds and Trees by Brandon Walden and Illustrated by Kristen and Kevin Howdeshell

  • A children’s book about the power of words
  • It explores their effects on feelings and emotions
  • A perfect picture book for ages 4-8

Managing Your Emojis: 100 Devotions for Navigating Your Feelings by Michelle Nietert and Lynn Cowell

  • Helps kids discover that emotional control and happiness come from God’s love for them
  • Empower kids to find acceptance and approval from God as they come to know that God made them just as they are, intense emotions and all.
  • Perfect chapter book for ages 8-12

Count Yourself Calm: Taking BIG Feelings to a BIG God by Eliza Huie

  • For kids with strong emotions and feelings like anxiety and anger, emotional regulation, social-emotional learning, etc.
  • It walks children through a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them manage their emotions.
  • A perfect picture book for ages 4-7

Find Your Calm: A Mindful Approach To Relieve Anxiety And Grow Your Bravery by Gabi Garcia and Illustrated by Marta Pineda

  • Children read along and learn practices and strategies that keep anxiety from taking over.
  • Includes simple grounding activities and coping tools for them to practice.
  • A perfect picture book for ages 3-8
  • Part of the Growing Heart & Minds Series 

Broken Crayons Still Color by Toni Collier and Whitney Bak and Illustrated by Natalie Vasilica

  • Help your kids process big feelings, build a social-emotional tool kit, and find beauty in life’s challenges with the hope of the gospel
  • It entertains children as it assures them that God is making a beautiful masterpiece out of things they thought were broken. 
  • A perfect picture book for ages 4-8

Children’s Chapter Books about Anxiety

100 Devotions for Kids Dealing with Anxiety by Justine Froelker

  • It has peaceful journal prompts and reflective scriptures to help one feel Jesus’ love.
  • Give kids access to the tools, tricks, and tips on the best ways to face anxiety issues.
  • Perfect chapter book for ages 8-13+

More Than a Conqueror: A Christian Kid’s Guide to Winning the War Against Worry by Laura Kuehn

  • For children and parents to work together to face their ‘Worry Weasels’
  • Has tools to help children face their fears and anxieties head-on
  • Perfect chapter book for ages 7-13+

You Can Count on God: 100 Devotions for Kids by Max Lucado

  • Helps kids worry less, bravely try new things, and draw closer to God as they learn to trust His faithfulness.
  • With a ribbon bookmark, presentation page, attractively textured hardcover, and bold color interiors
  • Perfect chapter book for ages 7-11

Fear & Anxiety: Learning to Overcome with God’s Truth, For Kids: A Love God Greatly Study Journal by Love God Greatly

  • Has practical examples that show what it means to live the Christian life in the face of fear
  • Six-week study journal that dives into scripture that will show kids what God’s identity means for their everyday battles with fear and anxiety
  • Perfect chapter book study journal for ages 8-13+

Twists & Turns Devotional: Changing the Game by Following Jesus by Rhonda VanCleave

  • Will travel the winding roads of the apostle Peter’s life and ministry
  • Games, activities, and prayer prompts also encourage readers to take charge of their personal relationship with God
  • Perfect chapter book for ages 6-10

Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith by Levi Lusko and Tama Fortner and Illustrated by Catherine Pearson

  • Encourages kids to “run toward the roar” as they face their fears, knowing that God is with them every step of the way. 
  • Offers practical approaches to faith in everyday life
  • Perfect picture chapter book for ages 5-10

The Courageous Knight of the King by Christina Corrine Andersen

  • Take a journey with August as he walks the path God called him to.
  • Through a fictional story, children are able to see how to put on the Armor of God while going through everyday trials.
  • Perfect chapter book for ages 5-18

Final Thoughts On These Children’s Books for Anxiety 

We hope you enjoyed this list of Christian books for anxiety. Hopefully, you and your child can read some, and they can bring peace and relief to your little one. If you know of any other anxiety books for kids that you would add to this list, be sure to comment on them below so we can share them with our readers! 

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