MOMents With Lori & Lee Ann: Is Your Child a Troublemaker or Are They Just High Energy?

Once a month, Lori and Lee Ann will discuss complex topics regarding parenting and disciplining to help families have peace in the home and work together to build lifetime connections! Lori Wildenberg is a national speaker, a licensed parent-family educator of over 25 years, and an award-winning author of six Christian parenting books. Lori also leads the popular Moms Together Facebook Community Page and Group. During this episode of MOMents with Lori and Lee Ann, both share pointers on dealing with sibling conflict and bullying.

During this episode of Moments with Lori and Lee Ann, both ladies share advice and encouragement for parents who have a child who has been labeled as a troublemaker by their teachers or schoolmates due to their high energy level or constant talking.

Key Takeaways:
  • Instead of squelching a child’s spirit when they are high energy or talking at school in class, try to get the complete picture first and then redirect their energy into something positive.
  • Getting to the “why” and find out why the child feels the need to talk constantly; possible reasons – the child has leadership qualities that need to be channeled into leadership roles at school, the child lacks self-control skills and needs to work on impulse control, or maybe it’s lack of attention from friends or family, so the child feels the need to try and gain attention elsewhere.
  • How to determine if a child’s behavior is becoming more serious and in need of expert help – look at whether their inappropriate behavior is more consistent versus situational.
  • Positive enforcements, redirection, and consistency from the parent are necessary when dealing with a high energy talker.
  • Not all children pick up on social cues, and they need to be taught the art of conversation and how to be a listener verse a talker during certain situations.
  • Ways to teach children not to interrupt and to have self-control and patience at home.

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