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Summer is upon us, so what will you do with the children you love on a rainy day? illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero books give you an opportunity to engage with them in a new way to have fun and learn something important – whether you are an artist, or not!

One of these books tell about a simple Donkey which saw something amazing . . . and very frightening! As amazing as it was to see what he saw, what happened next was even more amazing . . . almost unbelievable!

As you learn about
the Donkey which Talked in this “Illustrate My Own – Unknown Bible Hero” book, you will have the opportunity to show your creativity and provide the illustrations making this book truly your own! More importantly, as you decide how to illustrate your book you will come to learn about the Donkey which Talked and will remember the important lesson he taught about how choosing to listen to and obey God is more important than even very, Very, VERY large amounts of money!

It does not matter if you are only able to draw stick people (and seriously, a book with stick people could be a fantastic book!) – the point is the value in in the conversations these books will generate! And, stick people, or more detailed illustrations, these books will be a treasure to enjoy as you and/or the children you love put the time into illustrating them!

So, artist or not, get these books, illustrate them, and treasure the conversations – and most importantly the learning – which will happen as you do! And, the book – illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero – the Donkey Which Talked is on sale – a great time to get it!


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