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I have a few more books which are great for children and families to enjoy together – and make a fun way to engage the children you love in learning more about God – especially over the summer! Hadassah is one of the titles in the illustrate my own series. All of the books in the series are fun books which will uniquely engage the children you love in ways they have never engaged before with the accounts of Bible heroes. As they (and you) illustrate their books, they will think about what is happening, the things the Bible people said, and how God showed His love and grace to the Bible people . . . which will help the children you love better understand how God shows His love and grace to them as well! 

If you and/or the children you love are not an artist, or artistic person, when you see a book which you need to provide the illustrations for, you may think it is not the book for you. But, in this case with the illustrate my own Known Bible Hero and illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero books, nothing could be farther from the truth! These books give you the unique opportunity to engage with the children you love in ways you never have when you just read a book about a real Bible person, because as you talk about what is happening, think through what the Bible person is saying, you will be paying close attention to the details so you are able to provide the illustrations! Just think about the fantastic conversations you will be able to have about the Bible people and how what they learned applies to you as well!

It does not matter if you are only able to draw stick people (and seriously, a book with stick people could be a fantastic book!) – the point is the value in in the conversations these books will generate! And, stick people, or more detailed illustrations, these books will be a treasure to enjoy as you and/or the children you love put the time into illustrating them!

So, in this particular book – illustrate my own Known Bible Hero – Hadassah – you will learn how Hadassah (you may know her as Esther) knew something very, very important. It was also pretty scary. She knew she had to trust God . . . even when she knew uninvited “guests” were often put to death . . . even uninvited queens! Hadassah had to trust the One Real God Most High had a plan and purpose for her!

As you learn about Hadassah in this “illustrate My Own – Known Bible Hero – Hadassah” book, you will remember the important lesson she had to teach us all about how we can trust God because we know He has special plans and purposes for us!

So, artist or not, get the book – which is on sale, illustrate it, and treasure the conversations – and most importantly the learning – which will happen as you do!


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