Put Your Summer Children’s Ministry into Full Gear with Group VBS


Even though it is nearing the end of February, we know Summer will be here before we know it, so it is time to think about what our Summer Children’s Ministry will look like. I have been writing about Group’s VBS resources for a few days, but today I want to ask you, how do you plan to use your VBS? 

  • Are you planning a traditional week in the summer VBS?
  • Are you planning to use your VBS on Sundays in the Summer?
  • Do you have plans for a day-camp setting to use your VBS resources?
  • Will you use your VBS for a mission trip resource?
  • Are you going to use your VBS for family fun days throughout the Summer?
  • Will you save your VBS  – and use it or reuse them – throughout the year during your Mid-week ministry?

Which of these – or how many of these – settings will you use your VBS resources this year?

Do you continue with your children’s Sunday school throughout the summer? Do you “take a month – or more – off”? Do you shut it down completely in the Summer? What do Sundays look like at your church in the Summer?

As you think about Sundays in the Summer and the Children’s Ministry in your church, think about using Group Publishing VBS resources. They add a great excitement, and allow you to focus upon a theme for the Summer – great for when children are gone to grandma’s or camp or on vacation, as they are still on the same theme when they return. They are also easy to run – a Group VBS kit gives you the resources you need – plus whatever student materials you decide to use.

My 2024 VBS reviews are available for Group’s SCUBA and Hometown Nazareth – I will be posting my review for Outback Rock tomorrow – and so as you read them through, think and pray about how they might look at your church for VBS, on Wednesdays, or on Sundays throughout the Summer! Consider the following possibilities . . . 

More and more churches reduce and even eliminate their Children’s Ministry during the summer . . . I’d like to encourage you to do the opposite! Put it into “full-gear” and take advantage of the fact children are out of school and in many cases are looking for something to do! Give them this “something” to do . . . Group VBS resources are excellent tools to help you do exactly this! VBS resources are great tools for your Children’s Ministry and can be utilized in more ways than just the traditional week of VBS in the summer. As you evaluate kits this year, stop and think about if there is another part of your ministry where they would be a great “fit”!

As I’ve said before, Vacation Bible School resources are one of your best curriculum buys of the year! Group Publishing puts a lot of thought, prayer, and attention into determining which Bible events they will use, how to add creativity and imagination to the games, activities, and settings, and selecting the music which best reinforces the Bible events and points. I’d like to encourage you to get two or all three Group VBS resources and use them all – because if you have them, you will use them!


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