Tween Book Series Including Mystery, Humor, Superheroes, and the Bible


“I love it because, unlike today’s superhero entertainment for kids, it is so clean, safe, and fun.” -Amanda Trumpower.

Amanda Trumpower is a writer for Jesus lovers who dig dragons, detectives, and droids. As a follower of Christ, her worldview is based on the Bible. All her books conform to a Christian worldview, though certainly not all the characters. While the journey may be difficult, the main characters come to a place of hope brought by the peace of knowing God.

During this episode, Amanda discusses her engaging Collar Case mystery book series and her Power Pup superhero book series in-depth and what she hopes kids will take away from reading them. Both series are for readers ages 7-12 and for those who love mysteries, animals, and superheroes.

The Collar Case mystery series shares the same body of characters and humor style as Power Pup, but they aren’t superheroes. It’s mysteries and nonviolent crimes such as theft, sabotage, or conspiracy. In each book, there is some sort of major or minor character lesson from the Bible that the kids can learn along the way.

The Power Pup superhero series was born out of Superman’s background, and he, alongside investigative reporters, gets to be heroes in a fun and safe way. Each book in the series explores courage, heroism, teamwork, and adventure while including the Bible. As the series unfolds, you discover that there is a large collection of biblical artifacts. These artifacts grant various superpowers and are tied to stories from the Bible. On the back of each book is a devotional for the kids to look at and read, giving them a little extra activity.

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