Trail Life USA: CEO Mark Hancock on Nurturing Boys to Become Godly Men

Did you know that 1 in 4 boys do not have a father in their household?

Mark Hancock is an author, award-winning writer, and conference speaker who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Trail Life USA.

During this episode, Lee Ann and Mark discuss Trail Life USA and its mission to provide a Christ-centered, boy-focused alternative to the Boy Scouts. Trail Life USA can help cultivate godly character and leadership in boys while addressing the needs of single mothers and fatherless boys. Mark addresses the pivotal shift in organizations like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, once rooted in Christian values, and how Trail Life USA emerged as a response to this cultural change. He shares insights into the powerful impact on both boys and men within the program, emphasizing the need for positive male role models in the lives of young boys, particularly those raised in single-parent households. Mark shares stories of boys finding brotherhood, Christian values, and mentorship within the program. Both Lee Ann and Mark discuss the importance of Christ-centered foundations that help boys navigate their unique challenges in today’s radical world.

Mark elaborates on the following key points:

  • Trail Life USA focuses on Christ-centered mentorship and leadership by older boys and Christian men in all activities.
  • The many changes seen in boys including the development of Christian friendships and lifelong relationships.
  • The nominal annual dues are $30, and participation is affordable.
  • Church-based support to assist single moms and families in need.
  • Flexible uniform options to accommodate families with financial constraints.
  • A free resource offered on the Trail Life USA website titled “Raising Godly Boys.”
  • The proven 4-step process for turning boys into Godly men: identifying that boys struggle with being unguided, ungrounded, unappreciated, and uninspired.

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