The Key to Raising Healthy Christian Kids- Expert Advice from Ginny Brant

“A guy that used to be a neighbor of ours is now head of pediatrics at the medical school, and he said, “Until you verify to me that your child is properly hydrated, they are well nourished with the right kind of nutrients, they’re getting deep sleep, and they’re moving every day. I will not pull out that prescription pad.” – Ginny Brant.

Ginny Brant grew up in Washington, DC, where she served as a teacher, counselor, and adjunct professor for 28 years. She has written two award-winning books, Finding True Freedom and Unleash Your God-given Healing. During this episode, Ginny Brant addresses the common challenges parents face in the health industry and gives practical advice on healthy living for families.

Key Takeaways:

-Breaking free from unhealthy habits: Ginny highlights the need for parents and their children to prioritize healthy living by incorporating exercise, proper hydration, and nutritious eating into their daily routines.

-Deep sleep and its benefits: She emphasizes the importance of deep sleep in rejuvenating the body and brain and how creating a sleep schedule that aligns with the natural circadian rhythm can greatly enhance overall health.

-The inverted food pyramid: Ginny explores the concept of the inverted food pyramid, discussing the consumption of whole, plant-based foods as the foundation for a healthy diet. She also mentions the importance of limiting children’s exposure to added sugars and processed foods because they can have a profound impact on their long-term well-being.

-Finding natural remedies for illness: She shares insights into finding healthy alternatives and natural remedies for common childhood illnesses and the many benefits of essential oils and other holistic approaches that can be used alongside synthetic medicines.

-Integrative medicine: Various hospital systems are beginning to recognize the value of integrative medicine, combining conventional treatments with complementary approaches to enhance patient outcomes. Ginny shares her own experiences with an integrated approach to cancer treatment, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to healing and recovery.

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