Simple Family Ministry Activity: Encouraging Prayer Bear


Parents are the primary catalyst in their children’s spiritual growth. But some parents can become overwhelmed or find it difficult to know where to begin teaching their children. This prayer bear can help! 

Simple Family Ministry Activity: Encouraging Prayer Bear

This small stuffed teddy bear came with a card of instructions around his neck and a cross necklace. The children took turns taking the bear home for one week. The card around the bear’s neck instructed the family to pray together that week and return the bear the following Sunday. We gave a small prize when the bear was returned.

I encouraged the teachers to keep a journal of the thoughts brought back each week from the children and parents. The accountability was great, and kids usually kept reminding their parents to pray during that week.

Something so simple became a launching off point for parents to feel confident in leading their children in prayer. We heard that the prayer bear led to other spiritual things like reading the Bible together and having more open discussions about family members’ challenges and successes.

Linda Price
Wichita Falls, Texas

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