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Philippians CHAPTER 1 All that happened to Paul furthered the gospel cause—Our conduct should be worthy of the gospel.

Philippians CHAPTER 2 Saints should be of one mind and one spirit—Every knee will bow to Christ—Saints must work out their salvation—Paul faces martyrdom with joy.

Philippians CHAPTER 3 Paul sacrifices all things for Christ—True ministers set examples of righteousness.

Philippians CHAPTER 4 Stand fast in the Lord—We believe in being honest, true, and chaste.

Colossians CHAPTER 1 Redemption comes through Christ—He created all things, is in the image of God, and is the Firstborn of the Father.

Colossians CHAPTER 2 The fulness of the Godhead dwells in Christ—Beware of being deceived by the traditions of men—The handwriting against us was nailed to the cross of Christ.

Colossians CHAPTER 3 Some lives are hidden with God in Christ—The Saints are told to be holy and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Colossians CHAPTER 4 The Saints are told to be wise in all things—Luke and others greet the Colossians.

Church leaders love me and pray for me.(Jr)

Philippians 1:3–4Colossians 1:3, 9

Read Philippians 1:3–4 and Colossians 1:3, 9 aloud, and ask the children to fold their arms and bow their heads every time they hear the words praypraying, and prayer. Explain that the Apostle Paul prayed for Church members, just as our Church leaders pray for us today. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Show a picture of Jesus Christ, and read some scripture verses that describe Him praying for someone (for example, Luke 22:323 Nephi 19:21, 23). What did Jesus ask for when He prayed for others? (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

The Red Crystal

Help the children name some of their Church leaders, such as the Primary president, the bishop, and the President of the Church. Explain that these leaders ask Heavenly Father to bless the children and help them live righteously. Consider telling the children what you say when you pray for them. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

The Red Crystal Put the stepping stones on the ground and say the words as the students step on each one. Then move them farther apart so they have to hop to each stone while saying the same words

I can rejoice in the Lord. (Jr)

Philippians 4:4, 8

(Paul encouraged the Saints to rejoice—even though they faced difficult trials and Paul himself was in prison. How will you help the children see that following Jesus Christ brings joy?) Ask the children to listen for a repeated word as you read Philippians 4:4. Ask the children to show you what they do when they rejoice. Tell the children why you “rejoice in the Lord”—why you feel happy because of Jesus Christ. Let the children share how they feel about Jesus. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Friend April 2023 “Because of the Savior”

Show objects or pictures that represent things that help you “rejoice in the Lord” (Philippians 4:4), such as His creations, a temple, His Resurrection, or a family. Let the children take turns selecting a picture or object, and then tell them why it makes you happy. Invite them to share things that help them rejoice in the Lord.(Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Media Library Images “Nature and Creation”

Friend September 2019

Read Philippians 4:8 together, and help the children think of things that fit the descriptions in the verse (see also Articles of Faith 1:13). Invite the children to draw pictures of these things. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

If I have faith in Jesus Christ, I can be happy even during hard times. (Sr)

Philippians 4:4–13

Ask the children to imagine that they are in prison, as the Apostle Paul was when he wrote the Epistle to the Philippians. Read Philippians 4:4–13 with the children, and ask them to look for the words “rejoice,” “peace,” and “content.” Why was Paul able to rejoice and feel peace even in prison? Then ask the children to find the words “Lord,” “God,” and “Christ” in the verses. Help them understand that Paul’s faith in Jesus Christ made it possible for him to rejoice. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Doctrine and Covenants 2021 “Doctrine and Covenants 98-101”

Life is not meant to be free from difficulty, but you can help the children discover that they can still find a fulness of joy through Jesus Christ.

  • Put water in a cup. Ask the children to name things the Savior has done for us so that we can have joy, and invite them to drop a pebble in the cup for each thing they name until the cup is full. Read with the children Doctrine and Covenants 101:36, and ask them to look for how we can have a fulness of joy. What are some things we can do to “seek … the Lord” (verse 38) so we can have the joy that He wants to give us?

Friend October 2023 “Come, Follow Me Activities: Peace from the Savior”

Story: When things are hard, we can pray for help. Because of the Savior, we can feel comfort and peace. (See Philippians 4:4–7.)

Song: “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (Children’s Songbook, 74–75)

Activity: On page 10, read a story about a girl who felt Jesus Christ’s love. Then think about a time you felt peaceful because of Him. Write about it or draw a picture.

Invite the children to help you complete sentences like the following: “I can be in the dark and still see things if I have a . I can be outside on a hot day and still feel cool if I have a . I can have hard times and still find joy if I .” What does Philippians 4:4–13 suggest we can do to find joy? Invite the children to share some hymns or scriptures about Jesus that can help them feel joy during hard times.(Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Friend February 2023 “How to Have Joy” In the winter of 1838, members of the Church had to leave their homes in Missouri, USA. It was very cold. Some spent the night outside near a campfire. They sang hymns and roasted potatoes.Sister Eliza R. Snow said, “Not a complaint was heard—all were cheerful.” Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we can feel joy when something bad happens. But joy comes from focusing on the Savior. (See more at link)

I can “think on” things that are true, honest, and pure. (Sr)

Philippians 4:8

Ask one child to read Philippians 4:8 aloud while the others look for words in Articles of Faith 1:13 that are the same or similar. Invite someone to write these words on the board. Ask the children what the words mean, and help them define them as needed. Why should we “think on” these things? How can we “seek after” them? (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Ask the children to name things that fit the descriptions in Philippians 4:8. Invite them to keep a list this week of anything they notice that fits these descriptions. Encourage them to bring their lists to Primary next week and share what they found. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

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My faith should be “rooted” in Jesus Christ. (Jr)

Colossians 1:232:6–7

Show the picture of a tree from this week’s outline in Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families while you read key phrases from Colossians 1:232:6–7 (or show the video “Spiritual Whirlwinds” on What would happen to this tree if a storm came and the tree did not have strong roots? Let the children stand and pretend to be a tree that has weak roots in a storm and then a tree with strong roots. Testify that faith in the Savior helps us be like a tree with strong roots. Then we can withstand spiritual “storms,” like temptations and hard times.(Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Friend August 2018

Invite a child to draw a tree on the board. Ask the children to name some things they can do to be “rooted” in Jesus Christ. Each time a child names something, invite him or her to add a root to the drawing. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” Perhaps your family could read these verses while sitting around a tree or looking at a picture of a tree (such as the one that accompanies this outline). What does it mean to be “grounded” and “rooted” in Christ? How can we help each other strengthen our spiritual roots?

Latter Day Kids

My faith should be “rooted” in Jesus Christ. (Sr)

Colossians 1:232:6–7

(Satan tries to weaken our faith through temptations and false doctrines.) Invite the children to draw pictures that represent the truths they find in Colossians 1:232:6–7. Let them share their pictures with the class and explain the truths their pictures represent.(Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

  Draw a picture of your favorite fruit tree and follow the instructions to add to it throughout the lesson:

Draw deep and strong roots for your tree. Label some of the roots with attributes these people have or actions they take that you feel firmly connect them to Jesus Christ.

Just as there are natural forces that can uproot or destroy a tree, there are forces that try to uproot us from our spiritual foundations in Jesus Christ.

Around your tree, draw winds or storms that may uproot your tree. Label these winds and storms with forces that could spiritually uproot you from being grounded and settled in Jesus Christ. You may want to read Colossians 2:4, 8 to see some of the forces that the Saints in Colossae were experiencing.

  • How can the roots you identified today help you receive the Savior’s power to stand strong against the forces you identified?

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 30-31” Display some items (such as money or food) and toy imitations of these items. Which would the children rather have?

Primary 4: Book of Mormon “Lesson 20: Korihor, the Anti-Christ,”  Write the first word of each pair below on slips of paper and hand them out to the children. Ask each child to think of a word that means the opposite of the word on his or her paper. Let each child say the opposite word he or she has thought of while the rest of the class tries to guess the positive word on the child’s paper.

Word Examples: light/dark, life/death, good/bad, love/hate, success/failure, right/wrong, true/false, peace/war, truth/lie, pure/impure, clean/dirty, happy/sad, healthy/sick, kind/mean, joy/sorrow

When everyone has had a turn, explain that just as every word in this activity has an opposite, Satan has a counterfeit or opposite teaching for every teaching of Jesus Christ. Following Heavenly Father brings us happiness; following Satan brings us unhappiness. Ask the children the difference between how people feel when they tell lies and how they feel when they tell the truth.

Teach the children that the more we learn about something, the more we can tell the difference between that thing and its opposite. The more we learn about and follow Jesus Christ’s teachings, the more we will be able to resist the temptations and deception of Satan..

Ensign March 2018 “Family Home Evening: Discerning Right from Wrong” Object Lesson. Satan tries to make good, righteous, and joyful seem miserable and evil appear to be good. Wrap a rock as a gift and put a treat in a brown paper bag.  (See more at link)

2 Nephi 28

Show the video “Spiritual Whirlwinds.” What are some temptations and false doctrines in the world today that can weaken our faith? Encourage the children to write down one thing they can do to strengthen their faith so that they are “rooted” (Colossians 2:7) in Jesus Christ. Ask them to display this somewhere they will see it each day. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians” )

Additional Resources

Your family might enjoy filling a “treasure chest” with things that represent the “riches” and “treasures of wisdom and knowledge” you find in the gospel. Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: New Testament 2023 “Philippians; Colossians”

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