Short Night Prayer Ideas for Children and Christian Families

Short night prayer ideas that are meaningful and not the “same old same old” will be a hit with families. Christian parents want to help their children grow closer to Jesus, and praying is a key part of that. But by bedtime, little ones (and parents) are often exhausted and cranky. So shorter bedtime prayers are always a big need.

Bedtime prayers can begin from infancy. Remember to keep prayers age-appropriate, using language that children can relate to. Although repetition helps younger kids get into the habit of praying, variety maintains their interest as they grow.

To help you provide short night prayer suggestions to parents, we’ve collected a variety of ideas below. Parents can use these bedtime prayers to close the day, thank God, and help kids pray for others.

10 Short Night Prayer Resources for Families

Praise and pray to God with these bedtime prayers:

1. Begin with Babies

Parents can model prayerfulness from the very beginning. After babies are born, life becomes incredibly busy. But prayer needs abound! So speak to God aloud with your infant, starting with these sample prayers about health, protection, and faith.

2. Pray with and for Toddlers

Check out these tips for making the most of prayer time with young children. What a blessing to pray Scripture over toddlers and help them become friends with Jesus!

3. Blessings & Benedictions

Short blessings from the Bible make wonderful short night prayer times. Here you’ll find special benedictions from both the Old and New Testaments.

4. Rhymes for Bedtime Prayers

By preschool age, children love rhythm and rhymes. So choose a short night prayer from this list of 41 rhyming ideas.

5. Short & Sweet

This website provides 15 tried-and-true simple prayers for bedtime. Plus, you’ll find 10 key benefits of praying with children.

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