Looking For a Way to Bring Bible Education to Your Child During School Hours?

“Very few people realize that there is a legal way already at our fingertips that we can utilize to teach the Bible to public school students during the school day.” – Joel Penton.

A former defensive tackle and national champion for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Joel Penton is the author of three books and the founder and CEO of LifeWise Academy—a groundbreaking program providing Bible education to students in over 100 public schools, during school hours, across the country. A widely sought-after speaker, over 1,000 live audiences and a million people have taken in his message.

During this episode, Joel shares his passion for bringing biblical education to youths nationwide, specifically public school students, during school hours.

Key Takeaways:
  • LifeWise Academy provides Bible education to public school students during school hours.
  • Laws don’t need to be changed – the supreme court ruled in 1952 that public school students can be released during school hours to receive Bible education if the program meets three criteria: it has to be off school property, privately funded, and with parental permission.
  • Logistics are simple – they walk or bus the kids to a nearby facility, teach them the Bible, and then bring them back.
  • Local communities can go to their website and look at their ten-step launch process to get this program at their public school.
  • Today, Lifewise serves over a hundred schools and will serve over three hundred by the end of 2024.

“It’s a strategy that any community coast to coast can implement, and that’s why we started LifeWise – to provide the tools so that communities can do it in a plug and play, hit the ground running type of way.” – Joel Penton.

To learn more or to start the ten-step launch process of bringing the Bible to your public school, go to LifeWise.Org.

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