Learn English Tenses: Present Simple or Present Continuous?

“I work” or “I am working”? In this easy English lesson, you will learn the difference between the PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE (“I work”) and the PRESENT CONTINUOUS (PROGRESSIVE) TENSE (“I am working”). Many students get confused, because these two tenses do not exist in all languages. Here, we’ll review when to use each tense, how to form it, and what common mistakes to avoid. We’ll do practice exercises together, so you can understand the differences clearly. Then, you can check what you’ve learned by taking the review quiz on engVid at https://www.engvid.com/present-simple-or-present-continuous/ . When you’re ready, move on to the past simple tense, the next class in my engVid series on English verb tenses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmJrYbDjxQY Keep taking your English to a higher level, step by step!

In this lesson:
0:00 Overview
4:49 When to use present simple & present continuous
11:54 Stative Verbs
14:08 Practice: Correcting common errors
20:41 Practice


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