Do you understand the PRESENT CONTINUOUS (PRESENT PROGRESSIVE) tense? Do you know when to use it and how to use it? Do you know why it’s right to say “I am working”, but wrong to say “I am knowing”? Join me in this easy, relaxed English grammar class and master this basic tense! You’ll learn everything you need: structure, usage, common errors, stative verbs, questions, spelling, contractions, short answers, and pronunciation. We’ll go step by step and do lots of practice exercises together. Then, to move forward from beginner to advanced levels, make a plan and watch the complete engVid series on ALL the English verb tenses, one easy step at a time:

In this lesson:
0:00 Overview & Comparison of Present Continuous & Present Simple
3:40 When to Use Present Continuous
8:42 When Not to Use Present Continuous
12:33 How to Use Present Continuous: TO BE
16:28 How to Use Present Continuous
19:13 Contractions with Present Continuous
23:56 Spelling of Present Continuous Verbs
26:39 Short Answers with Present Continuous
29:21 Present Continuous Practice
34:16 Common Errors with Present Continuous
41:13 Present Continuous Conclusion


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