How to Teach Beginners English: 13 Fundamentals You Need to Use

Teaching beginner English students is one of the most rewarding levels to teach. It’s also the most difficult if you don’t speak your students’ language. Beginners might be my favorite level because it really tests the skills of the teacher. Unfortunately, most teacher-training courses (TEFL/CELTA), tend to ignore this level completely. Luckily, I’ve got some great methodology and tips for you.
Welcome teachers to my series on teaching beginners! This is part 1 of the series, and it’s all about your approach. In the video, we go over thirteen important fundamentals to teach this level effectively.
The two most important fundamentals of teaching beginners are to know exactly what you want to teach and to spend a lot of time building up toward language fluency. Even someone with zero English ability can end a lesson with real-life communication. Watch the whole video for all of the beginner methodology you need to be successful in the classroom.
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My favourite resource for teachers
I get asked this all of the time and my go-to resource for teachers is Fluentize for all your lesson plan needs. This site has hundreds of tailor-made lesson plans, ready to go, with accompanying videos. Perfect for individual or small group lessons.

Use my code CHRIS20 to get 20% off the entire site! Trust me, get a year membership for full access to their entire catalogue. It will save you hundreds of hours of planning + the lessons are fantastic.


The Language House TEFL:
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00:00 intro/subscribe/background
03:00 1 know your goals
03:50 2 charisma
04:50 3 assume they know nothing
05:38 4 hardly ever speak
06:44 5 built up slowly
07:14 6 use visuals
07:57 7 elicit everything
08:29 8 slow it down
09:05 9 teach less
10:00 10 teach chunks
10:57 11 error correction
12:09 12 teach contractions
12:55 13 drill to death


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