Exploring Nature Analogies to Help Children Understand the Parallels of God & Nature


“God is not wishy-washy, and in his creation and everything he’s made, we see order and method, and natural laws that we need to live in harmony with and respect.” -Eryn Lynum.

Eryn Lynum is a mother and wife, a certified Master Naturalist, a Bible teacher, and the author of the books 936 Pennies: Discovering the Joy of the Intentional Parenting and Rooted in Wonder: Nurturing Your Family’s Faith Through God’s Creation. She also hosts the podcast Nat Theo: Nature Lessons Rooted in the Bible, a podcast for kids.

During this second part of her three-part episode series, Erin elaborates on the following key takeaways:
  • How nature analogies can help children understand the relationship and parallels between nature and God – for example, monarch butterflies with milkweed plants and when deer shed their antlers.
  • Absolute truth can be proved by God’s creation of nature.
  • It is so important to teach children objective truth – take them into nature and have them see and state things clearly as they are – this teaches them to understand God’s truth and that his creation is real instead of assuming things that are not definitive.
  • Invasive pastimes choke the ecosystem of our souls – invasive species taking over native plant landscapes can be directly related to technology and the media taking over our children’s minds and childhood completely.
  • Three similarities between invasive species and technology: both are recent introductions, both came with good intentions and when both are left unchecked, they completely take over and control the arena.
  • There is an extreme imbalance between children spending their childhood indoors on media devices and outdoors in nature – the average child spends 22% of their childhood with a media device and 0.48% of their childhood outside.

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