Biblical Stories Connecting People to God’s Creation to Form A Resilient Faith


“God took Abram outside. That is fundamental. We can do the same thing. We can take our children outside and prepare them to receive God’s truth.” -Eryn Lynum.

Eryn Lynum is a mother and wife, a certified Master Naturalist, a Bible teacher, and the author of the books 936 Pennies: Discovering the Joy of the Intentional Parenting and Rooted in Wonder: Nurturing Your Family’s Faith Through God’s Creation. She also hosts the podcast Nat Theo: Nature Lessons Rooted in the Bible, a podcast for kids.

During this last part of her three-part episode series, Erin elaborates on the following key takeaways:

  • How to explain to children the chasm between God’s designs and society’s brokenness.
  • Showing children the way the world works, such as the sun or a river, can help teach them how God’s ecosystems thrive the best when they operate on his plan.
  • Biblical stories of how God spoke of nature and used nature to connect people to him – stories in the Bible that God anchored in a nature narrative.
  • It is important that we give our children resilient faith in today’s society because they are getting fed lies and funneled into false agendas.
  • We should stop filling our children with milk because even though it is necessary when they are babies, it is time-stamped – we need to give them solid food (the knowledge to have a strong faith) before we release them into the world.
  • We can show our children the reliability of the Bible and the evidence that supports the Bible.

“Giving our kids this resilient and robust faith that is rooted in scripture and supported by the evidences we see in nature, science, and history; giving them more to work with in today’s world when these arguments come against them that first, they won’t succumb to doubt, and that second, they will be able to give an answer for the hope that is within them and defend their faith with gentleness and respect… it is so important.” -Eryn Lynum.

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