Digging Deeper w/ Rhonda, Michelle, and Lee Ann- Nurturing Children from Single-parent Homes


“I think the most obvious thing is just invite them into your home. We do so much healing in our homes… The more kids can invite other kids into your home where conversations are happening about life, questions can be asked and answered. I think it gives those kids such a gift.” -Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield.

Three women of Christ on a mission have joined together, Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, Rhonda Stoppe, and Lee Ann Mancini, to share empowering Godly advice, information, and encouragement for everyone raising the next generation of warriors for Christ. Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield is a national speaker, author, podcaster, and a licensed professional counselor of 27 years. Rhonda Stoppe is a best-selling author, speaker, and podcaster who has helped countless women build “no regrets lives”!

During this episode, all three ladies engage in an insightful conversation where they discuss practical tips, biblical examples, and words of encouragement for all parents, addressing the common challenges faced by single moms, single fathers, or motherless/fatherless children being raised by others. Rhonda, Michelle, and Lee Ann provide heartfelt encouragement to single parents, reminding them they are not alone.

Dr. Michelle emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the impact of growing up without a mom or dad and not dismissing its significance. She also highlights the role of the Christian community in filling those gaps. There is an organization called “God is My Dad,” founded by someone who grew up fatherless. This organization encourages intact two-parent households to invite fatherless or motherless children into their homes to provide positive experiences and mentorship.

Rhonda shares biblical examples showcasing the impact of godly influences and the support of the church community in raising children of faith. Rhonda also shares her experience with her son, Tony, who joined their family at the age of 15. Her husband became his father in the faith, helping him heal from past wounds and find his identity in Christ rather than resenting his absent biological father. She mentions the podcast, Plus One Parenting, where the host is a single mom who does a really good job at connecting single moms and helping them find some support.

All three ladies stress the importance of honoring and affirming those who serve as spiritual moms and dads to children from single-parent homes. Their presence and love can make a significant difference in the lives of children who may have a parental void. Recognizing and appreciating these spiritual mentors can bring affirmation and support to those in need.

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