Digging Deeper w/ Rhonda, Michelle, and Lee Ann – Helping Kids Navigate Big Emotions

Three women of Christ on a mission, Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, Rhonda Stoppe, and Lee Ann Mancini, have joined together to share empowering Godly advice, information, and encouragement for everyone who is raising the next generation of warriors for Christ. Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield is a national speaker, author, podcaster, and a licensed professional counselor of 27 years. Rhonda Stoppe is a best-selling author, speaker, and podcaster who has helped countless women build “no regrets lives”!

During this episode, all three ladies delve into the complexities of helping children manage their emotions, specifically anger. They discuss the misconceptions and underlying triggers behind a child’s anger, shedding light on how parents can effectively guide their children through this common yet misunderstood emotion. Drawing from biblical teachings, personal experiences, and professional expertise, they share insights and advice on addressing children’s anger in a manner that aligns with Christian values.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Importance of not labeling kids as “angry” or “drama queen.”
  • Acknowledging and affirming children’s feelings and proper techniques for calming down and processing anger.
  • Utilizing bilateral stimulation and tactile activities for calming rhythms
  • Addressing hormonal factors and mood swings in children.
  • Role-playing and communication to manage family relationships.
  • Modeling godly ways of processing anger for children.
  • Understanding the difference between righteous and selfish anger.
  • The importance of confessing sin and demonstrating repentance.
  • Identifying and addressing personal triggers for anger.
  • Understanding physiological responses and their impact on decision-making.
  • The importance of separating behavior from identity in parenting.
  • Encouraging children to communicate their emotions without fear of judgment.

Resources: Rhonda Stoppe’s books & Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield’s books.

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