Digging Deeper w/ Rhonda, Michelle, and Lee Ann: Navigating Conversations About Gender Identity and Same-Sex Attraction

“Our feelings may come and go, and sometimes the world says that somehow can affect you, but your DNA imprint is so strong there is no way that you cannot be what ordained you to be.” -Rhonda Stoppe.

Three women of Christ on a mission have joined together, Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, Rhonda Stoppe, and Lee Ann Mancini, to share empowering Godly advice, information, and encouragement for everyone raising the next generation of warriors for Christ. Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield is a national speaker, author, podcaster, and a licensed professional counselor of 27 years. Rhonda Stoppe is a best-selling author, speaker, and podcaster who has helped countless women build “no regrets lives”!

During this episode, all three ladies delve into how parents can discuss sensitive issues like same-sex attraction and gender identity with children while staying true to the principles laid out in the Word of God. By fostering open, age-appropriate conversations grounded in biblical truth, parents can learn to guide their children toward a solid understanding of God’s design for gender while teaching them to love and respect others.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important for parents to be proactive in discussing these topics rather than leaving it to outside voices to shape their children’s understanding.
  • Know the research: statistics reveal many teens believe gender is based on feelings rather than biological sex.
  • Encouragement for parents to familiarize themselves with research findings to facilitate informed discussions with their children.
  • Ground your children in Biblical truth and the significance of parents being rooted in their own understanding of God’s design for gender.
  • If we firmly establish the biblical perspective that we are created male and female in God’s image, parents can counter societal ideas of gender fluidity with unchanging truth.
  • Have age-appropriate conversations because it is crucial to start addressing these topics with children from a young age.
  • Children are naturally curious, and parents should aim to provide gentle, age-appropriate responses that align with their family’s worldview and biblical principles.
  • Address the media influence rather than shying away from difficult topics; watch shows or movies together and use them as opportunities to discuss confusing or misleading messages portrayed on screen.
  • Foster love and compassion by teaching children to love and respect others while also holding steadfast to biblical truths; loving others does not mean compromising personal values, but rather pointing people towards Christ and trusting God as the ultimate judge.
  • Truth is not subjective but rather rooted in God’s unchanging Word.

“Barna Group did a Gen Z study and found that 1/3 of teens say gender is how a person feels inside, not their birth sex… I don’t believe there’s anything biblically that backs that up. We’re created male and female and in god’s image, and it’s not a feeling. It’s a fact.” -Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield.

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