Digging Deeper – Balancing Spiritual Leadership Between Parents While Nurturing Children’s Faith


“If you have already disqualified yourself from spiritual leadership because of mistakes you’ve made and you’ve committed that there’s so much shame that you can’t lift your eyes off the floor, don’t push that away because you want to be able to move forward through that because healing is possible.” – Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield.

Three women of Christ on a mission, Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, Rhonda Stoppe, and Lee Ann Mancini, have joined together to share empowering Godly advice, information, and encouragement for everyone who is raising the next generation of warriors for Christ. Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield is a national speaker, author, podcaster, and a licensed professional who helped countless women build “no regrets lives”!

During this episode, all three ladies discuss the challenges and strategies of raising children in a home where one parent may not be actively engaged in the spiritual growth of the family. They provide valuable insights and practical advice for fathers who may not know how to be the biblical educator in the home, as well as mothers who may bear the weight of being the sole spiritual leader. They also share their personal experiences and stories of hope, encouraging listeners to never give up and to continue expressing love and faith in their families.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of father’s spiritual leadership and overcoming disqualification and mistakes.
  • Initiating and building spiritual muscles and practical steps for fathers to start leading spiritually.
  • Encouraging mothers to seek support within the church community.
  • Avoiding emotional incest and venting to children.
  • Seeking out godly mentors and spiritual father figures.
  • How the division in spiritual leadership can affect children.
  • The significant influence of parental faith and behavior on children.
  • Testimonies and examples of perseverance in faith with emphasis on continuous prayer and demonstration of love.
  • Trusting in the power of faith and the possibility of change in the spouse.

“You can’t pray for the Holy Spirit to convict your husband’s heart to be a spiritual leader if you’re resenting him that he’s not a spiritual leader.” – Rhonda Stoppe.

Resources: Rhonda Stoppe’s books & Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield’s books.

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