About the Children’s Department: Generations Quest



With Christmas just eleven days away, we have been busy selecting gifts for the ones we love – and if you are like me, looking for the best buys. If you are looking for something which you could give to your family to help them all grow in their walk with God, consider Generations Quest! For just $10 you will receive an entire year of Bible readings, questions to get your family talking, and activities to help you all understand the Bible and grow in your walk with God. Talk about a great buy!

You will find all the details at this link. Give it a try – if you want to hand down confident faith, but wonder how to do so, Generations Quest is for you! If you already know how to hand down confident faith, but love the idea of having your entire family – no matter their age or location – reading and talking about the Bible together, Generations Quest is for you!

Of all the things you are able to do with $10, Generations Quest is one of the things which will have the most lasting impact and the one which truly matters!


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