4th of July Sunday School Lessons: 7 Independence Day Activities


4th of July Sunday school lessons
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News flash: 4th of July Sunday school lessons make learning a blast! If you’re looking for quick, easy Independence Day activities for classes or children’s church, keep reading.

Let us set you free from uninspired ideas. These seven cool 4th of July Sunday school lessons will go over with a bang!

7 Fun 4th of July Sunday School Lessons

Try one or more of these sizzling Sunday school ideas:

1. Free at Last

First, this interactive object lesson is super simple. You just need a box (like a shoebox) and some kind of weight (like a brick or two). Challenge kids to hold the box for as long as possible.

After kids experience what it’s like to have something dragging them down, remove the weight. Then read Romans 6:18. This opens the door for a discussion on what it means to be free from sin.

2. Danielle’s Place

A friend recommended this site, and I had to share it. If you’re looking for cute 4th of July Sunday school crafts, this place has a ton. I love the folding craft-stick flag!

3. Living Out Our Liberty

This craft gets kids thinking about the Liberty Bell and what it symbolizes. Then, using Luke 4:14-19, kids discover how they can help others hear about the freedom Jesus offers. It’s a simple craft that becomes an outreach tool for kids to spread God’s love.

4. Fireworks in a Jar 

Not able to shoot fireworks? Here’s a neat alternative for little kids from icanteachmychild.com. Jenae, the blog owner, created this fun activity for children to see a colorful, firework-free show inside a bottle.


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