The Power of Hands-on Sunday School Lessons


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Interactive learning brings the Gospel message to life. Sunday school students love using their senses and bodies to interact with lessons. No matter their learning style, kids remember more when Bible messages move beyond lectures.

Hands-on activities, object lessons, re-enactments, and other interactive techniques have powerful impacts. They engage young learners with Scripture lessons and principles. Active learning personally invites kids into God’s redemptive plan.

Plus, children love interactive Sunday school lessons because they’re fun and meaningful. Kids will be excited to attend church each week. And they might even invite some friends along!

So keep reading for great ways to add active learning to your kidmin program.

Interactive Learning Tips and Resources

You might already use some interactive storytelling. Check out these ideas for making children’s Bible lessons come alive.

1. Why Active Learning Yields Results

Read this refresher about the transforming power of interactive learning. First discover the benefits of active classrooms. Then learn how to structure hands-on Bible stories for kids.

2. Tips for Using Hands-on Learning

Next check out these helpful tips about engaging students. Hint: It’s OK to let children move around, be loud, play, and even get messy!

3. Techniques for Active Learning

Here you’ll find 20 types of active learning strategies. Easily adapt most ideas for use in Sunday school and small groups.

4. Hands-on Learning Bible Activities

Next, here are 10 hands-on learning ideas geared toward Bible lessons. They’re sure to foster deeper understanding of God’s Word and its relevance to daily life.

5. Active Object Lessons for Kids

Sermons4Kids is filled with free object lessons that involve children. Search the website for specific topics and Bible stories. Pro Tip: Try a 14-day free trial of a three-year Sunday school curriculum.


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