3 Reasons Parents Should Send Their Kids to a Christian Summer Camp

Guest blogger Amy Lowe is here to help you find a summer camp for your child to have fun adventures, make lifelong friends, and learn more about Christ! 

As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be confident, caring and connected with those around them. But the recent rise of anxiety, depression, and loneliness in children and teenagers has great potential to hinder this type of formative growth. As a mom of two myself, I know that raising kids these days can be challenging – they’re facing a lot! However, in my work as Director of WinShape Camps for Girls, I’ve found that spending time in nature and with others at a biblically-based Christian summer camp can make all the difference.

1. Camp is a place where friendships take root.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “making friends is one of the most important missions of middle childhood—a social skill that will endure throughout their lives.” Naturally, as parents, we want our kids to have fruitful and meaningful friendships! This is why I love getting to work at camp. It’s a place for kids to cultivate friendships in a positive, uplifting, and fun way. When kids learn to cheer each other on rather than compete or compare, they understand the value and fun of community. At WinShape, we also focus on teaching important core virtues to our campers – community, compassion, contentment, consistency, and courage are just a few!


2. Camp is a place where your child gets to meet Jesus and His Word front and center.

Trust me, parents…it’s okay for your child to be away from you! It was hard for me at first, too, but this is a fundamental way for your child to grow closer to Jesus apart from you. At WinShape, we exist to glorify God by creating incredible experiences that transform campers and families with the message of Jesus Christ.  A week or two away at camp without mom or dad allows kids to grow in their faith independently through both Bible-based teachings and being poured into by our incredible staff. We’ve even had parents tell us that their child became closer to Jesus in those two weeks than they had all year…and that is something to celebrate!


3. Camp is a place to develop skill sets indoors and out.

Horseback riding, rock climbing, pottery, photography – sounds fun, right? At WinShape, there is something for everyone. We design these activities to give your child the ultimate dose of summer fun. When we tell our campers to “camp their heart out,” we mean it! Your child will have the opportunity to experience things they love and discover new passions they didn’t know they had.  We believe that when a child can get out of their comfort zone in the awe-inspiring outdoors, something special happens.

We’ve invested a lot of time into developing intentional programming rooted in biblical truth, and we believe we’ve created something special here in Georgia. We realize not everyone can make the trip, but we encourage your family to find a biblically-based camp near you! If you want to learn more about WinShape Camps, visit winshapecamps.org.

About Amy Lowe.

Amy Lowe is the Director of WinShape Camps for Girls – a summer camp for girls from 1st through 12th grade. Amy also oversees WinShape Camps for Families – a family camp and family weekend experience. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Samford University and a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Like most other moms, her hobbies include laundry, running the robot vacuum, and unloading the dishwasher.

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