11 All-Time Best Jeffrey R. Holland General Conference Talks

All of the wonderful church leaders who speak at the LDS General Conference sessions every year are truly inspirational. There have been so many talks it can be hard to listen to all of them. Sometimes it can be fun to focus on a single speaker at a time and go through some of their talks over the years. This list is full of the best Jeffrey R. Holland General Conference talks. 

11 Greatest LDS Talks by Elder Holland

Broken Things to Mend by Jeffrey R. Holland

“When He says to the poor in spirit, “Come unto me,” He means He knows the way out, and He knows the way up.”

When we are struggling, going through trials, and feeling hopeless, there’s one thing Jesus says to us. He says to come unto Him. He can give us the rest, peace, and hope that we desperately need. 

Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Life on earth, as human beings, is going to be full of challenges, trials, and hardships. Those trials are what teach us and prepare us for a celestial life after this one. The best thing we can do to stay at peace and get through the hard times in our life is to lean on the Lord, have faith in His plans for us, and trust in Him. 

Waiting on the Lord by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Faith means trusting God in good times and bad, even if that includes some suffering until we see His arm revealed in our behalf.”

It can be hard to accept that God knows more than we do. He can see our lives, before, during, and after our earthly life, as a whole. We must trust Him, knowing that He has our best interest at heart and His plan for us is greater than we could ever imagine. 

Not as the World Giveth by Jeffrey R. Holland

“The instruments we need to create a brighter day and grow an economy of genuine goodness are abundantly provided for in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

There’s no denying that the world is in shambles. It was prophesied that the world would fall apart in many ways before the second coming of Christ. As individuals, the only thing we can do is to encourage our friends and families, as well as ourselves, to turn to Heavenly Father, and follow His commandments, and lean on Him for comfort and revelation. 

Fear Not: Believe Only! by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Begin your search for happiness by embracing the bounty we have already received from the giver of every good gift.”

The worse the world gets, the harder it is to have hope and faith. But we must remember that suffering is temporary and so minor in comparison to our eternal life. We must remain faithful. That is the key to not living in fear or misery. 

None Were with Him by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even if sometimes we may feel that we are.”

Because Christ suffered for us, and died, we never have to suffer alone. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us and hears our prayers, a brother who atoned for our sins, and the Holy Ghost to be with us always. We are never alone, despite feeling like we are sometimes. 

The Greatest Possession by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Each of us is to come to Christ with uncompromised commitment to His gospel.”

It’s our responsibility, to ourselves and to our families, to come unto Christ and Heavenly Father and do our best to follow His commandments and live according to the gospel. This is the best way to live a life full of peace, love, and hope. 

Are We Not All Beggars? by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Rich or poor, we are to “do what we can” when others are in need.”

Sometimes we struggle to help others because we can’t decide if they “deserve” it or if they truly need it. Sometimes we need to help ourselves, so it can be hard to help others when we could be focusing on ourselves. But we should always strive to serve and help others in any way that we can. Service is healing for all involved. 

Be Ye Therefore Perfect–Eventually by Jeffrey R. Holland

“If we persevere, then somewhere in eternity our refinement will be finished and complete.”

While we are incapable of being perfect as human beings, we can still always strive to do our best to be like the Savior, who was perfect. Heavenly Father is a kind, and understanding father. If we repent and do our best to be a follower of Christ, He will bless us greatly. 

The Ministry of Angels by Jeffrey R. Holland

“God never leaves us alone, never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face.”

Heavenly Father never leaves us alone. He is always there, listening to our prayers and our thoughts. Not only is He here for us, but He has given us the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, prophets, and healers, and He puts people into our lives that we need. He is always working in our best interest. 

Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet by Jeffrey R. Holland

“Jesus Christ suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could lift us to eternal life.”

No matter how many times we fall in this life, we will always be brought back up by Jesus Christ. Because of His sacrifice, we will all be resurrected. We all have the ability to be forgiven, and live in eternal happiness. 

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Final Thoughts On These General Conference Talks by Jeffrey R. Holland

We hope you enjoyed all of these LDS talks by Elder Holland. They were truly magnificent! He is so full of wisdom and has a great way of conveying a message. Which talk was your favorite? Are there other Elder Holland talks you enjoy that are not on this list? Comment below so we can add them to our articles and share with our readers! 

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