27 Greatest LDS Testimony Quotes

Having a testimony of God, Jesus Christ, and all of their teachings is an incredibly powerful resource to have. Our testimony gives us faith, strength, and hope. The best thing we can do for ourselves during this lifetime is to build a strong testimony of all of the things we believe and know to be true. These LDS testimony quotes all explain the importance and value of having a testimony perfectly!

“Make your testimony your highest priority.” – Russell M. Nelson

Nothing will bring us more comfort and joy in this life than having a strong testimony. We should make building and bearing our testimony a priority in our lives. 

“Some people speak of a testimony as if it were a light switch- it’s either on or off; you either have a testimony or you do not. In reality, a testimony is more like a tree that passes through various stages of growth and development.” – Craig C. Christensen

lds testimony quotes

A testimony is something that grows and increases. It can shake and waiver, and then it can be solid and strong. It changes as our life does. That’s why we always have to work on building it up and keeping it strong. 

“A testimony needs to be kept vital and alive through continual obedience to the commandments of God and through daily prayer and scripture study.” – Thomas S. Monson

lds testimony quotes

There are many ways to grow and build a testimony. The best thing you can do is keep God’s commandments and follow the teachings of the church. 

“Seeking for and obtaining a testimony of spiritual truth requires asking, seeking, and knocking.” – David A. Bednar

lds testimony quotes

If we simply follow the commandments and do our best to respect God’s wishes for us, then we will build a testimony without even trying. All we have to do is ask with faith, and God will answer us. 

“Oh, how we need General Conference! Through conference, our faith is fortified, and our testimonies deepened.” – Robert D. Hales

lds testimony quotes

General Conference is a wonderful opportunity to hear others’ testimonies and build our own. Hearing other people bear their truths can help us grow our testimony as well.  

“Your testimony in Jesus Christ isn’t just what you say – it’s who you are.” – Gary E. Stevenson

lds testimony quotes

How we behave, how we think, and how we treat others is all a reflection of our testimony of Jesus Christ. This is an excellent reminder and can help us make good decisions. 

“A testimony of the gospel is a personal witness borne to our souls by the Holy Ghost that certain facts of eternal significance are true and that we know them to be true.” – Dallin H. Oaks

lds testimony quotes

A testimony can be hard to define, but President Oaks nailed it with this quote! We should share this quote with anyone, in or out of the church, to help them understand what it means to have a testimony.

“The fundamentals of gaining and retaining a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ are straightforward, clear, and within the capacity of every person.” – Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.

lds testimony quotes

There isn’t anyone who isn’t capable of having a testimony of the gospel. Sometimes all it takes is an open mind to discover the truth. 

“What does it mean to bear testimony? A testimony is an open declaration or confession of one’s faith. To bear is to give or bring forward. So as I bear testimony, I am giving a declaration of my faith.” – John K. Carmack

lds testimony quotes

It can be good to remind people what it means to bear your testimony. Whether you grew up in the church or you’ve never shared your testimony, it’s good to step back and really analyze the importance. 

“You can share your testimony in many ways, by the words you speak, by the example you set, by the manner in which you live your life.” – Thomas S. Monson

lds testimony quotes

Sharing your testimony doesn’t always mean voicing your faith. Your testimony can be shared by your actions, your morals and values, and your thoughts and feelings. 

“We should remember that bearing a heartfelt testimony is only a beginning. We need to bear testimony, we need to mean it, and most importantly, we need consistently to live it. We need to both declare and live our testimonies.” – David A. Bednar

lds testimony quotes

Part of having a testimony is living by it. Sometimes you share your testimony with others just by living your life according to the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

“The real strength of an individual is to be found in his testimony and in living it.” – Charles Didier

lds testimony quotes

A testimony is a source of strength unlike any other. It provides us with the strength to endure to the end, even in the hardest of times. 

“Building a testimony on the foundation of a sincere, personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and on our faith in them, should be our highest priority.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

lds testimony quotes

Having a personal relationship with God is essential to our eternal joy. We should prioritize our time to make sure we are dedicating ourselves to building that relationship and our testimony of Him.

“We cannot afford to have our testimonies of the Father and the Son become confused and complicated by stumbling blocks.” – Quentin L. Cook

lds testimony quotes

Satan’s entire mission is to break your faith, confuse you, and diminish your testimony. You mustn’t let him succeed. Surround yourself with the Spirit, and he won’t be able to tempt or taunt you. 

“Revelation and testimony do not always come with overwhelming force. For many, a testimony comes slowly—a piece at a time.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

lds testimony quotes

A testimony isn’t something you wake up with one day. It’s something you grow and build over time. And just as it can get stronger, it can also weaken if you aren’t putting in the effort to keep it strong.

“Our testimonies fortify us and strengthen us as we face challenges in our daily lives.” – Barbara Thompson

lds testimony quotes

Our testimony is a source of strength. We can rely on it to overcome life’s many challenges. The stronger the testimony, the more strength you can get from it. 

“Testimony requires the nurturing by the prayer of faith, the hungering for the word of God in the scriptures, and the obedience to the truth.” – Henry B. Eyring

lds testimony quotes

There are many ways to develop and grow a testimony. Some of the most important and most effective are by studying scriptures, praying to God, and following His commandments.

“I plead with you to take charge of your testimony. Work for it. Own it. Care for it. Nurture it so that it will grow. [Then] watch for miracles to happen in your life.” – Russell M. Nelson

lds testimony quotes

If we work to grow and build our testimony, it will work for us! It will bring us peace and comfort. It will bring us personal revelation. 

“True gratitude is an expression of hope and testimony.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

lds testimony quotes

When we have a strong testimony of our Heavenly Father, we will feel a true sense of gratitude in our lives. Knowing Him will help us see His constant hand in our lives. 

“Children inherit many things from their parents, but a testimony is not one of them. We can’t give our children a testimony any more than we can make a seed grow.” – Jan E. Newman

lds testimony quotes

A testimony is something you have to build and grow on your own. But that doesn’t mean we can’t drive strength and hope from the testimony of others! 

“Your testimony and gospel journey enrich my testimony and gospel journey.”  – Gerrit W. Gong

lds testimony quotes

Sharing our testimonies with each other is an excellent way to strengthen our own. We need to see God’s work in our lives, as well as in the lives of others. 

“A testimony is not emotion. It is the very essence of character woven from threads born of countless correct decisions. These choices are made with trusting faith in things that are believed and, at least initially, are not seen. A strong testimony gives peace, comfort, and assurance.” – Richard G. Scott

lds testimony quotes

The best way to build your testimony is by demonstrating faith in God, Jesus Christ, and their teachings. Every time you show faith, you build a stronger testimony. 

“Declaring our testimony of the gospel is good, but being a living example of the restored gospel is better.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

lds testimony quotes

It’s not enough to just share our testimony with others. We need to live our testimony by being an example. We need to be a follower of Jesus Christ. 

“God is preparing people to receive your testimony of restored truth. He requires your faith and then your action to share fearlessly what has become so precious to you and those you love.” – Henry B. Eyring

lds testimony quotes

You never know how much sharing your testimony with someone can affect their life. Your testimony could be the key to starting or strengthening theirs. 

“Testimonies are best cultivated in the home.” – Russell M. Nelson

lds testimony quotes

We spend more of our lives in our homes than anywhere else. It is our safe space. That’s where we will build our strongest testimonies. 

“You bear your testimony when you share spiritual feelings with others. As a member of the church, you have opportunities to bear your spoken testimony in formal church meetings or in less formal, one-on-one conversations with family, friends, and others.” – Gary E. Stevenson

lds testimony quotes

We should strive to never miss an opportunity to bear our testimony with others, whether it’s in church, with friends and family, or with a complete stranger. 

“We gain or strengthen a testimony by bearing it.” – Dallin H. Oaks

lds testimony quotes

Bearing your testimony strengthens your faith and belief, but it also strengthens the testimony of those who are listening. Sharing your testimony is essential. 

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Final Thoughts On These LDS Testimony Quotes

We hope you enjoyed these LDS quotes as much as we did. There’s nothing more comforting and reassuring than having a strong testimony. It will help us so much in this life and the next. Your testimony can also be a great influence on others, so be sure to share your testimony any chance you get! 

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