You Can Have a Friendship With Jesus

In this preschool Bible lesson, kids color activity pages as they discover what it means to have a friendship with Jesus.

Scripture: John 14:5-14


Color and Chat

Write children’s names on their pages.

Give each child an activity page. While children color their pictures, provide a time for them to get to know one another better. Let children tell the group about their favorite food or game, how many siblings they have, or what kinds of pets they have. Tell kids that spending time together and learning new things about one another is how people get to know their friends better. Remind kids that they can get to know Jesus in the same ways—by spending time with him, going to church, praying, and learning the things in the Bible.

When children have finished coloring, help them use a pen or pencil to poke a small hole in the picture of the girl and another in Jesus.

Help children lace the heart bead onto the yarn and string the yarn through the holes. Then tie the yarn behind the picture.

Let children move the heart from Jesus to the picture of the child as you remind them that Jesus shares his love with us and we can share our love with him. Then let children move the heart back to Jesus and give ideas of how they can have a friendship with Jesus.

Encourage children to show the “You Can Have a Friendship With Jesus” activity page to their families and share with them how to get to know Jesus better.

Friendship With Jesus


  • How did it feel to get to know each other better?
  • What can we do to get to know Jesus better?

Say: We begin a personal relationship with Jesus when we understand that he loves us and invites us to love him back. Jesus showed his great love for people by dying for our sin. When we believe Jesus died for us and ask for his forgiveness, we are telling Jesus that we want to know him as our Savior and friend.

Pray: Jesus, thank you for being my Savior and my friend. Help me get to know you better and better every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

This preschool Bible lesson comes from Coloring Creations: 52 Creative Bible Lessons. This resource is full of coloring and activity pages to accompany relevant Bible stories and Scripture. For even more Bible lessons, check out these posts!

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