Yennai Nadathubavar Neerae | Jasmin Faith | Tamil Christian Song

This song was initiated in October 2015 & completed in 2017. Some major sequential events in life had left her with depression & fear of the future. That’s when the Holy Spirit gave her this new song that she started to sing to Him.
Let this psalm of trust also bring you a new revelation of God’s faithfulness & priceless love in your life.
You are not alone. He is with you & He is faithful enough to turn all the bitter into sweet. Trust Him

Song written and composed by Jasmin Faith
Music by Giftson Durai
Flute by Aben Jotham
Mixed and Mastered by Augustine Ponseelan
Director : Lavanya Rao
Director of Photography: Anbu Dennis
Editor & Colorist: SB Francis


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