Winter Bulletin Board Idea: God’s Marvelous Season

This winter bulletin board idea, God’s Marvelous Season, is a super fun way to get kids of all ages decorating your classroom for winter.


  • blue background paper
  • white paper or tagboard
  • cotton stuffing
  • staplers
  • scissors
  • white paper circles or coffee filters
  • markers
  • optional spray snow

Winter Bulletin Board Idea: God’s Marvelous Season

Cover a bulletin board with the blue background paper. Then write this heading on white paper or tagboard: God does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, “Fall on the earth.” – Job 37:5-6

Have children fold each paper circle or coffee filter into quarters, then again once or twice. Children can cut squares, diamonds, triangles, or moon shapes from the folded edges. Then have the children unfold the circles to reveal the beautiful snowflakes they’ve made for the marvelous season.

After children write their names on their snowflakes, attach snowflakes to the bulletin board. Add a snow effect to the bulletin board by stapling cotton stuffing to the bottom edge of the display. You may also wish to use spray snow to add to your God’s Marvelous Season bulletin board.

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