Why Parents Should Discuss Pornography with Their Kids as Early as Possible

“The average age of exposure to pornography is 8 -11, and I wondered… why aren’t we talking about this?” -Barb Winters.

Barb Winters is a pastor’s wife and parent of four adult children, one of who is a recovering pornography addict. She’s a hopeful mom supporting, encouraging, and offering help to parents in this digital world through her writing and speaking engagements. Her book, Healthy Relationships in a Hookup World, will be released in August 2023.

Barb discusses how she created her organization, Hopeful Mom, to offer practical tips to other parents that may be dealing with issues like pornography use in their household. She talks about how parents should start talking about pornography and its dangers as early as possible, especially before handing a child any device that has access to the internet. Even though we may have all the necessary filters and parental controls in place, we as parents need to define pornography for them and get ahead of the game.

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