Dude Perfect is a sports and comedy group. The group is made up of 4 people – Tyler “The Beard” Toney, ” The “Twins” Cory and Coby Cotton,  Garrett “The Purple Hoser” Hilbert, and Cody “The Tall Guy” Jones.

Dude Perfect’s content predominantly consists of videos depicting various trick shots,
stereotypes, and stunts. 

The group also regularly uploads videos of
“battles”, in which the individual members of Dude Perfect compete
against one another in a good-nurtured game or contest, often
incorporating different sports and a unique set of rules (*wikipedia).

The Dudes – uploaded their first trick
shot video in 2009, when they were students at Texas A&M
University. Since then they have grown to 60 million YouTube subscribers. A good percent of their audience is children. 

The show is a fun, family-friendly series and so most parents feel comfortable letting their children watch the show.

They also have a strong faith in God.  In an interview Garrett said, “If
we lost everything tomorrow, it doesn’t matter.  We know that the most
important thing is Jesus.”

Kids love the crazy stunts they do and watching their trick-shot videos.  

Kids love watching them take on challenges.  

Kids love to see the seemingly impossible be possible.

Kids learn not to give up when they don’t succeed at first. One of the trick shots Dude Perfect made took over 900 attempts to make.

For those of us who serve in children’s ministry, there are some great things we can learn from Dude Perfect. Here are a few…

Kids love challenges. Bring challenges into your teaching and strategy.

Kids love playing fun games. Use games to bring excitement into your services and classes. 

Teach kids about not giving up….even when they don’t succeed at first. 

These are just a few of the reasons kids love Dude Perfect. We would be wise to study what they do and bring what is applicable and relevant into our ministries.


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