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If you have children or you serve in children’s ministry, you probably know who Bluey is.

Bluey is a children’s show about a 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who has an abundance of energy and curiosity about the world.

Bluey lives with her family.

Bandit is the father.

Chilli is the mother.

Bingo is her younger sister.

Bluey and Bingo go on adventures as they use their imagination and curiosity to play together.

Bluey first hit the screens in 2018 in Australia.  It has consistently had high viewership in Australia and done well.  But a few weeks ago (at the time of this writing), it had the best viewership the series has ever seen.  It achieved its first billion-minute week with over 1.4 billion minutes viewed.  About 57% of the audience was kids age 2-11. 

Bluey is one of those shows that kids are obsessed with.

Why do kids love Bluey so much?

What elements does the show incorporate that draws in children?

What do children like about the characters?

What can we learn from Bluey that will help us better connect with kids?

What creative factors of the show should we be learning from? 

Let’s talk about a few of these…

Short attention spans.  Today’s children have very, very short attention spans.  The length of the episodes is short. The number one reason the episodes are short is because it is a great way to keep kids’ attention.

How long are your lessons?  

Does your programming keep in mind the short attention spans of today’s kids? 

Are you able to hold kids’ attention with your current format or strategy? 

Bluey is an animal.  Kids love animals and pets.  There are lots of interesting animals in the Bible.  Check out this teaching series called “Amazing Animals.”

Easy to understand and follow.  When kids don’t understand what you are saying or if it is going above their heads, they lose attention very quickly.  

Make sure your lessons are age-appropriate.  

Use objects, illustrations and visuals in your teaching that the kids can relate to.

Bluey encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity.  Rather than just lecturing, Bluey gives kids the opportunity to learn through their creativity and imagination.  Here’s an example.  Instead of just reading the story of Jesus walking on the water, turn over a table and let kids get inside the “boat.”  Let kids make the sound of wind, rain and waves crashing as you read the story.  Let them help tell the story by using their imagination and creativity.

Interestingly enough…even parents seem to love Bluey as well.  They will often watch the show with their children.  In the show, Bluey has a family with siblings and an extended family.  

Keep parents in mind as you are creating content.

Look for opportunities to bring kids and parents together for lessons, programs, services, etc. 

Bluey also teaches adults how to interact with kids.  It helps parents know how to talk with children and play on their level.

Kid-friendly decor.

Bluey is very colorful herself.  

They use bright, fun colors in the shows.  

Decorate your children’s ministry areas with kid-friendly colors.  When you do this you are saying to kids and parents that you care enough to create spaces with them in mind.  

Kids can relate to the show.  The more you can get kids to relate to a show, the more interested kids will be.

How can you help children relate to the stories of the Bible?  

How can bring a balance of information and application?

Are you a Bluey fan?  What else do you see in the show that we can learn from?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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