Why it is CRUCIAL to Build Your Child’s Identity in Christ in Today’s Chaotic Society

“Parenting is broken people raising more broken people. I’m not perfect; so, I must go to something that is perfect, and that’s God and God’s word.” -Dan Seaborn.

Dan Seaborn is the founder and president of Winning At Home, a non-profit ministry that encourages families of all ages and stages to lead Christ-centered homes. His book, Winning at Home: Tackling the Topics that Confuse Kids and Scare Parents, offers clarity amid chaos on hard-hitting topics such as mental health, technology, sexuality, and identity and can be used as a tool for parents who are trying to raise children from a faith-based perspective.

Key Takeaways:
  • Dan shares his testimony about having one of four children who went wayward and how it was the most challenging time in his life, especially as a parent.
  • Winning at Home ministry – their goal is to provide spiritual guidance to anyone struggling and to make a difference for the Kingdom.
  • Parents should not dread difficult conversations with their kids – it is evident in today’s culture that they will bring up some complex issues, such as gender or identity.
  • When we point our children to God the father in times of need, we give our children stability.
  • Advice for parents on guiding teenagers with identity issues and how it is essential to return to God’s word in Genesis.
  • Parents first need to understand that their identity is in Christ, not what they own or have accomplished.
  • A huge mistake parents make is that they build their children’s foundation on themselves instead of on God; they base their advice and wisdom solely on their opinions and thoughts and forget to include God, who is the only one who won’t let them down and will never fail them.
  • Children ultimately, just like us, will make their own decisions – our job as a parent is to lead them to Christ and build that foundation in Christ so that when they do make those decisions, they have their identity in him to make wise choices in their lives.

“I believe we are only at the beginning of what we are going to see in terms of our cultural collapse, so getting that solid biblical guidance to our children at an early age is critical.” -Dan Seaborn.

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