Why Be Anxious and Angry When You Can Be Grateful and Faithful?

God has given us a tool of gratitude; when you choose to look at things differently and be grateful, you can work to overcome anxiety!

Caris Snider is a Christian communicator delivering the hope of God through speaking, writing, worship, and life coaching. She is the author of, Anxiety Elephants: A 31-Day Devotional to Help Stomp Out Your Anxiety, Anxiety Elephants for Tween Boys: A 90-Day Devotional, and Anxiety Elephants for Teen Girls: A 90-Day Devotional. Her passion for conveying the importance of faith and mental health to all generations is evident as she shares her experience of overcoming anxiety and depression.

Caris discusses the effects of anxiety on both boys and girls and encourages parents to help children look to God to build their faith and stand on their own. Children model their parents’ behavior – if they have their foundation with God, they won’t become as dependent on their parent’s faith to overcome their anxiousness.

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