What To Say When Your Child Asks You If Miracles Are Real?

Did you know that there are approximately 180 miracles throughout the Bible?

Essentially, a miracle is known to be an event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be the work of God. But a miracle is not necessarily a violation of the laws of nature or science because God could easily use the laws of nature or science in an unusual way. So, if miracles are real, how can we as parents explain to our child why one person who prays for a miracle may receive the miracle while another person who prays for one may not?

During this episode, Lee Ann gives real-life and biblical examples of miracles that you can use when teaching your children about miracles.

Ensuring our children understand that God is a just God is important. He is always fair in whatever he decides to do or not to do. Sometimes, he doesn’t answer our prayers because what we ask for may not be the best for us or our loved ones. We can help our children understand that since God created us, he knows infinitely more than we do. He knows all things. God gives life and takes life. He answers our prayers according to his perfect will. And it is also important that we help our children pray for the right things.

Explain to your child that these are real-life miracles when they look out their window and see the sun rising and setting, the birds chirping, the flowers blooming, the waves rippling, and the fish swimming. The day they were born was a miracle of life. Miracles are all around us if we choose to open our eyes.

Let’s not forget about the many miracles of Jesus. For example, he healed the blind, helped the crippled walk, healed illnesses, and raised the dead, but most importantly, he died for our sins and gave us righteousness. It’s the triple imputation – Adams sin to us, we sin to Christ, and Christ’s righteousness to us. Scientific evidence does not explain this; no human mind can understand or conceive how this can happen. It is a miraculous God who created all things and saved us all for his glory!

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