What Is The TRUE Religion ? (ISLAM?🤔)

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Bobby Reacts to Prophets Of Allah (HELP ME OUT!) Original Video:

Original Description:
” Assalamualaikum, All Praises And Thanks To Allah SWT. We Sent Blessings And Salute Upon Our Leader Muhammad SAW & Upon His Blessed Family & Upon His Beloved Companions…

Alhamdulillah, We Are Going To Start A New Sub Series Under The Series Of ‘The Beginning To End’. We Have Already Discussed About The Beginning Of Creation – Allah The Creator, Throne Of Allah, The Pen, The Tablet, The Angels, The Universe And The Jinn. In This Series, We Are Going To Discuss About The Lives Of The Prophets & Messengers, Their Stories, Major Events, Their Qualities, And Lessons From Their Stories. In Sha Allah We Are Going To Cover The Stories Of The Prophets From Beginning To End – Adam, Sheath, Idris, Nuh, Hud, Salih, Ibrahim, Ishaq, Ismail, Lut, Yaqub, Yusuf, Yunus, Shuayb, Dhulkifl, Ayyub, Musa, Harun, Yusha Bin Noon, Dawud, Sulayman, Ilyas, Al Yas’a, Zakkariyah, Yahya, Eesa And Muhammad [ Peace And Blessings Be Upon Them All ]. Share Maximum And Educate This Nation About The Lives Of The Greatest Men Walked On The Face Of The Earth. ”
God bless!

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