What is Multiplication? | Multiplication Concepts for Kids | Rock 'N Learn

How does multiplication work? Why do we need to know multiplication? Marko the Pencil has the answers and a few tricks to help kids understand multiplication. Learn how multiplying can help in everyday situations. Please subscribe to Rock ‘N Learn’s YouTube channel for more fun videos posted every week. Click a link below to jump to any section of the video:

00:00 Rock ‘N Learn Title Screen
00:13 Introduction to Multiplication
02:45 Factors and Products
03:26 Real World Application – Counting Pennies
04:58 Commutative Property of Multiplication
05:31 Multiplying by Zero and One
06:38 How to Get Good at Multiplying
07:28 The Nines Trick
08:55 Multiplying by Ten
09:37 Times Table (Multiplication Table)

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