What Is Apologetics & How Can We Teach Our Children to Defend Their Faith?


Our children need to be prepared to be challenged for their belief in Jesus!

Although it may seem impossible to teach a toddler or a preschooler how to defend their faith actively, we can prepare the soil and plant seeds of faith in Jesus until they can cognitively perceive how to defend their faith.

So, what does apologetics mean??

  • The word “apologetics” comes from the ancient Greek word apologia, a verbal defense.
  • It does not mean you are apologizing for what you believe; it means you are “making a defense” for what you believe.

The entire month of March is dedicated to apologetics. Lee Ann will release a series of episodes addressing some questions and answers children have, that will help you teach them how to have a solid defense for their faith.

We will be featuring some of the top apologists in the nation…

  • Greg Koukl
  • J. Warner Wallace
  • Alex McFarland
  • Natasha Crain
  • Ken Ham
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