What Do You Say When Your Child Asks, “Why Is There Evil Mommy?”


God did not create evil – he ALLOWED evil to come into the world to offer us free will!

Lee Ann discusses each of these questions and gives explanations from the Bible to help you to be able to respond to your child with clarity and confidence!

Why is there evil?
How can a good, loving God ALLOW evil and suffering?
Why did God put the tree of life in the Garden of Eden if he didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat its fruit?
Why didn’t God give Adam and Eve a second chance?
If everything God created was good, why is Satan bad? Didn’t God create Satan? (Ref.  Genesis 1:31 & Isaiah 14:12-15)
If Satan knows he will never win in the end, why does he keep trying? (Ref. Titus 1:15)

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