What Are Sins of Omission? 10 Examples to Help Explain Them to Your Children!


Does your child know the difference between sins of commission and sins of omission?

A sin of commission is when someone of higher authority tells you to do something, and you do not do it. Most children understand sins of commission because there are potential consequences for disobedience, meaning they get punished for not doing what they are told. A sin of omission is when someone doesn’t do something that they subconsciously know they should do. This is a much harder sin for children to understand.

Bible verses that can assist you when teaching children about sins of omission: James 4:17, Romans 12:13, 1 Samuel 3:13, Matthew 10:33, and Luke 16:10.

Resources: “How Stories Teach Kids about Sin,” by Betsy Childs Howard & “Sins of Omission,” by Mark E. Larson

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