Welcoming Special Children with Special Needs!

If you have children in your church with special needs, you will discover looking for resources to help them learn is a definite challenge. (And, by the way, if you do not have any children with special needs, then make the choice to be the place where families in your community who have children with special needs are able to turn to to find help, support, encouragement and a place where their children are welcomed and loved by expanding your ministry to serve these families and children.)

At any rate, as I said, finding resources is a challenge as there are not many available which are written specifically to help these children remember, understand and live God’s Word. You will likely need to take the resources you use in your Children’s Ministry and adapt as necessary – this is not a negative thing as if the children in your Special Needs have siblings, then they are on the same scope and sequence. Plus, as much as possible, put children with Special Needs in classes in your Children’s Ministry – they are more likely to feel like they “belong” – which they do, and it will help all children develop compassion. Recruit special helpers to stay with children with special needs so they are able to participate with everyone.

Reach kids with special needs and make a difference in your community!

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