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Thanksgiving activity

In this Thanksgiving outreach idea, kids give thanks as they point out what God does for all of us. This Thanksgiving activity can turn into a form of evangelism. The seasonal idea works well for a variety of Sunday school outings and community events.

Remind children (and adults) to express gratitude to God for all their blessings!

Thanksgiving Activity: Wall of Thanks

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • roll of butcher paper or newsprint
  • ink pads
  • wet wipes
  • sticky notes
  • markers
  • Now & Later candies

The Experience

Contact a local mall or shopping center about hosting a “Thanks Wall” around the week of Thanksgiving. This works especially well on busy shopping days such as Black Friday.

Gather kids together and read 1 Chronicles 16:8.

Say: This Thanksgiving, we’re going to give thanks and help our community see what God has done for us. Have kids make the wall by using an ink pad to create handprints all over a long piece of butcher paper or newsprint. Decorate a headline that reads, “We’re thankful for…”


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