Valentine’s Day Outreach Idea for All Ages: True Love

Bring some cheer to those who’ve lived—and loved—the longest with this Valentine’s Day outreach idea.

Scripture: James 1:27

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • card stock
  • markers
  • stickers

Valentine’s Day Outreach

Find a retirement home in your community and schedule a time around Valentine’s Day when your kids can visit and perform. Let the retirement home representative know this performance is especially for those who have lost a spouse.

Meet with kids beforehand to prepare. Say: Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance, but it can be a difficult day for those who are single, especially those people who’ve lost a husband or wife.

Read aloud James 1:27.

For this Valentine’s Day outreach idea, give kids card stock, markers, and stickers to make cards for widows and widowers in the retirement home. Then learn and practice a song about God’s love that you can sing to your valentine recipients. For example, you might sing “Oh, the Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus,” or “Behold What Manner of Love.”

Purchase carnations; then deliver a flower and card to widows and widowers on Valentine’s Day at the retirement home. Serenade them with the song you learned. Have kids show love by interviewing recipients, using the questions below as a guide.

  • How do you like to show people love?
  • What have you learned about love in your lifetime?
  • In what ways have people shown you love?
  • What do you think of when you hear the word love?

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